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The Rocky Horror Show


The Rocky Horror Show
Eureka College Theatre

April 4-8 at 7:30 pm

Kellea Morrison


Eureka College Theatre will be putting on the Rocky Horror Show in Pritchard Theatre April 4-8, 2017 under the direction of Chip Joyce, who works with the Peoria Players Theatre, and a great cast and crew. 

Eureka’s own Haley Joseph will be playing the lead role of Janis Weiss, with Aaron Elwell performing the role of her fiancĂ©, Brad Majors and Bryan Blanks playing Dr. Frank-N-Furter. The rest of the cast includes Andrew Rhodenbaugh as Riff Raff, Lacy Papazis as Magenta, Randee Blickenstaff as Columbia, Rob King as Rocky Horror, Jake Geiger as Dr. Evertt V. Scott and Eddie, Kevin Wickart as the Narrator, and Jeshae Ali, Isabella Anderson, Jerrod Barth, Brianna Cross, Kelsey Degardin, Ashlie Geiger, Victor Griffith, Kendall Katz, Taylor Morris, and Andy Schoepke as Phantoms. 

            “For 16 years I ‘played’ Riff Raff in what they call a ‘shadow cast’ of the movie (where actors mimic the actions onscreen). So, it’s been so fun to ‘put our own spin’ onto this show and not just be tied to the movie,” Chip Joyce, director, said.  

Listening to everyone sing their hearts out and Jerrod and Kendall’s pelvic thrusting have been some of the best parts of rehearsal for Peyton Williams, stage manager. She also stated that one of the best parts thus far has been the sense of comradeship in the show. She mentioned that it has been this sense of comradeship that has made the harder parts of working on this show worth it and run much smoother. 

“The biggest challenge I have found to be has been allocating time. A lot of the cast is involved in many other things which can get in the way when it comes to set building, and the like,” Williams said. “Luckily, though, the cast and crew and all of the other higher ups have been so accommodating and willing to help each other out,” she continued. 

No matter the time constraints, Joyce and Williams both have high expectations for the outcome of this show as the Rocky Horror Show is going to be something different for the Eureka College Theatre Department. When asked what exactly his expectations for the show are, Joyce stated, “I think it will be a wild, fun time on campus! And I hope it brings people into the doors of Pritchard that have never seen what a hidden gem it is.” 

Williams, with similarly high expectations, stated, “I expect that this show will go spectacularly and that we will have great audiences and participation. This is a great cast and I think they will blow you away!” 

            It is no secret that Pritchard is a rather small theatre, and the Rocky Horror Show is not, by any means, a small production. So why choose to put on such a large production in a small space? 

“There aren’t a lot of venues in central Illinois where you can direct the live stage version of Rocky Horror, and a college campus is a perfect fit! I also knew the student body would love seeing it produced – after several generations, it still remains popular with young people,” Joyce said. This is just one more reason he, as well as the cast and crew, are expecting a large turnout.

“If anyone is on the fence about seeing Rocky, I ask you this: sit down. Get comfortable. Get into a state where you are half way between asleep and awake. Let yourself feel your body floating; feel your soul taking over from your feet to your head. Now, once you are in this state of total relaxation and pure frivolousness, ask yourself, ‘Where should I go on Tuesday night?’ And then you had better respond with, ‘Self, it’s time to see a Science Fiction Double Feature,’ and then get down to the theatre! You won’t want to miss this show. If you do, you’ll regret it,” Williams said. 

Joyce, just as excitedly, said that before the show became popularized as a movie, it was nothing more than a small budget musical, and not many places in Illinois have done the original production. It features not only talented Eureka students, but some of the best local actors from the Peoria and Bloomington areas as another great reason to come see the show this week.           

The Rocky Horror Show is a show intended for mature audiences. There will be prop packages for sale that contain lists of when and what to throw, as well as what to say at what time. For those who are not as comfortable with being a part of the show, there will be something of a safe zone, described as being for anyone who desires to be in a ‘less rowdy’ section. 

“In essence, we have a place for all of the poor, mislead, grandparents and virgins who have been tricked into seeing this show!” Williams said. 

The production dates are April 4-8 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are Pay-What-You-Decide & all proceeds go to the Acorn Equality Fund.  For reservations, please call the Eureka College Theatre box office at (309) 467-6363 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

Visit Eureka College Theatre and spend an evening with some Transylvanians!  

Edited: Bob Mathius



Posted on March 31, 2017