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Little Shop of Horrors
Little Shop of Horrors
Eureka College Theatre Department
October 1-3 & 8 - 10

By Erika Evans

Little Shop of Horrors at Prichard Theatre of Eureka College at first appears to be anything but. From the opening song you may think it is a drama and then quickly change your opinion to a comedy. There is beauty and sadness seen from the very beginning as the cast tries to navigate the poor neighborhood that they belong to and try to find there place in it. “Skid row” as they call it is filled with graffiti and quite obviously littered with dreams that never even thought about forming.

The stage is great for many reasons. At first one sees different buildings depicted on stage, adequate enough to show the low status neighborhood seeing as how it is decorated with graffiti and trash bags. Then the flower shop is able to turn to show the interior, a feature that greatly adds to the scene changes and separation of space between characters who are supposed to be different places.

If you do not know the story of Little Shop of Horrors it is about the main character, Seymour who runs a flower shop with Mr. Mushnik who took him in when he was a young boy. Audrey, the love interest of Seymour, works in the flower shop as well. One day Seymour comes into possession of a strange plant, one that he believes will bring business to the dying flower shop on skid row. When Seymour learns how to make the plant grow, that is when the real horror begins.

Jake Geiger (Seymour) gives a grand performance as the nervous but loveable main character. Even when he makes bad decisions, you find yourself rooting for him. Ashlie Antrim (Audrey) perfectly depicts a woman who is sweet and does what everyone tells her, but longs to break through to be the genuine person underneath. Jason Punke (Mushnik) depicts the greedy shop owner very well, giving the audience some insight into Seymour’s past. Pete List (Orin) is a prominent character, making quite an impact even though he is not in the show for very long. Being Audrey’s sleazy boyfriend is not enough; his profession has to inflict pain as well. But I’ll let that career remain a surprise. Isabella Anderson (Ronnette) is the sassy friend in the trio of girls that hangs out near the shop, mostly on front stoops. Joanna Guevara (Crystal) shows off her voice and attitude as another part of the trio. Kelsey Degardin (Chiffon) made some sarcastic comments herself as the third part of the group. All voices in the production are fantastic, and the opening number will give you chills. Krissy Franz and Holly Rocke round out the cast.

Little Shop of Horrors will be at Pritchard Theatre at Eureka College October 1-3 & 8-10th at 7pm. Price of admission is on a donation basis, as all proceeds will be going to Easter Seals. For more information please call the theater at (309) 467-6363 or email tickets @ (without spaces) in order to reserve your order. Enjoy the fun filled show that will have you laughing at the humor and horror all night.

Posted on October 2, 2015